Saturday, February 20, 2010

All things marijuana bloom at convention center

All things #marijuana bloom at convention center Los Angeles Daily #News Tucked between a hydroponic water system vendor and #hemp retailer was also Chef "Herb." Herb Seisel III by birth, the 25-year cooking vet said that after ... 'Cannabis Planet' TV show arrives in Bay Area San Jose Mercury #News HempCon 2010 to be held this weekend at LA Convention Center Contra Costa Times Toke of the Town NBC Los Angeles all 29 #news articles »

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Green attractions for hemp housing in Norfolk

#Green attractions for #hemp housing in Norfolk Norfolk Eastern Daily Press It takes 1.7 acres of #hemp to produce the building material for a highly-energy efficient three-bedroom house. And the evidence from brewers Adnams, ...

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East Anglia growers in switch from peas to hemp

East Anglia growers in switch from peas to #hemp Norfolk Eastern Daily Press East Anglia's vining pea growers could switch to a profitable alternative crop and plant #hemp this spring, members of Norfolk's oldest farming club have ...

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New York Fashion Week Greenshows: Eco Fashion for Fall/Winter 2010

Seattle Times (blog) New York #Fashion Week Greenshows: Eco #Fashion for Fall/Winter 2010 Huffington Post (blog) C. Marchuska's #hemp silk ruched and bowed jacket was a standout both for it's rich colour and beautiful detail which could be dressed up (pair with one of ... Local designer Lizzie Parker to show at LA #Fashion Week Seattle Times (blog) all 2 #news articles »

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Goverment Considers Foreclosure Freeze

LoanSafe Goverment Considers Foreclosure Freeze FOXBusiness ... would be prevented from foreclosing on a homeowner while a home buyer is solicited, responds and eventually goes through a trial period under #HEMP . ... What you should know about home foreclosure Palm Beach Post More Innocent Victims Of The Foreclosure Crisis LoanSafe White House Considering New Steps to Delay Home Foreclosures: Sources FOXBusiness all 4 #news articles »

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Hemp-Based “Tattoo Tonic” Introduced at HempCon 2010

#Hemp -Based “Tattoo Tonic” Introduced at HempCon 2010 (press release) #Hemp -Based Skin And Hair Care products company Earthly Body announces its participation in HempCon 2010 at the Los Angeles Convention Center Friday, ... and more »

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Los Angeles city prosecutor targets medical marijuana dispensaries

Los Angeles city prosecutor targets medical #marijuana dispensaries Los Angeles Times (blog) Trutanich launched his campaign with a single lawsuit against an Eagle Rock dispensary called #Hemp Factory V. He recently won an injunction to force it to ... DEA, LA City Attorneys Take Separate Actions Against Multiple Medical ... LAist (blog) all 17 #news articles »

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Organic clothing: Pros and Cons

Organic clothing: Pros and Cons Biofuels Watch This extends to #clothing and items produced via organic means and with organic materials, such as organic cotton, linen and #hemp . ...

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Manitoba Expands Distribution in Europe

Manitoba Expands Distribution in Europe Natural Products Marketplace WINNIPEG, Manitobaâ€"Exports of products from Manitoba Harvest #Hemp Foods & Oilsâ„¢ have grown more than 500 percent during the past year, according to the ...

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Mail and Commentary Feb. 17

Mail and Commentary Feb. 17 Boise Weekly Last week Idaho's farmers were denied the right to grow industrial #hemp by a tie vote in a House committee. Rep. Dennis Lake objected to the proposal, ...

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Change law, benefit all

Change law, benefit all Northwest Herald I propose President #Obama use his executive powers to end #hemp and medical #marijuana prohibition now. Placing a $1-per-pound tax on #hemp seed, ...

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wash. court ruling scares medical marijuana patients

Wash. court ruling scares medical #marijuana patients Naples Daily #News On a quiet alley near Wright Park, the Tacoma #Hemp Co. operates a brisk patient exchange out of an unmarked building fronted with a steel gate and a buzzer. ... Iowa talking about medical #marijuana Chicago Tribune Medical #marijuana decision expected tomorrow, poll finds broad support Iowa Independent Iowa Medical Marijuana: Medical #marijuana is not dead (press release) all 15 #news articles »

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