Monday, May 10, 2010


I have recently been approached to join a brand new network marketing program called TheHempNetwork. With any luck, you will soon be able to purchase hemp products at competitive prices, at

There are already hundreds of sites and YouTube videos promising everything from this unlaunched network. The sourness that comes with network marketing.

So why did I join?

I did not want to miss a great opportunity to easily bring products to TheHempNetwork already has 42 hemp product manufacturers supplying products to them. We'll see if they can compete with the value you find here at TheHempCloud, but it is an interesting opportunity at the least.

TheHempNetwork promises competitive prices - another thing that only TheHempCloud will be the judge of, as we are the best and only hemp product price comparison site on the web.

If you are into hemp as much as we are, perhaps you would like to join TheHempNetwork and start your own business. You could be like.. a hemp Avon lady :) Or, you could purchase the discounted product and start your own brick-and-mortar hemp store. Another option would be to become a hemp product distributor to local businesses. The possibilities with an opportunity like this really are only limited by your resourcefulness.

If you would like more information about TheHempNetwork, just head over to

If you decide to enroll now (which I think you should if you're excited by network marketing) - you will need a sponsor. TheHempCloud will sponsor you, and you will need to enter our sponsor number: 315 308 0435

TheHempNetwork officially launches on June 1st if you are hesitant to join.

You can always contact us at if you have any concerns.

Either way, be on the look out for some exciting developments from in the near future.

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